Some Nights


Some nights

It hurts that you’re not here.

So much, so that I invent delusions of your presence

To ease my aching heart.

And I feel the warm imprint of your skin

All fathomed by my wandering mind

And I hear the sweet drawl of your voice

Whispering into my ear, tickling my senses

And for a blissful moment-

Time pauses. The rest of the world takes in a harmonious breath

So that I may believe that you are here

With me.

But then the moment fades

The world exhales and I am left to catch myself

With only the sheets to caress my body

And you are not here.

And you were never here.

Some nights it hurts

Every night it hurts…

– s.f.b


The Voice Inside my Head

The Voice Inside my Head

Hi everyone (if there’s anyone here in the first place…)! I spent many minutes debating what my first post on here should be- A recycled poem? Song lyrics? The random selfie gathering cyberdust in my phone?

Lucky for you all, I finally made up my mind, and chose to post my favorite saying. These words intertwine their way into every decision I make, and they’re what I try to live by.

Do everything with good intentions. There’s such a simple, human beauty about doing good. With so much evil poisoning our lives, we must really strive to hold on to whatever good we can still control.

Do good for others- Hold a door open. Flash a smile at a stranger. Donate your change to someone who needs it. Say please and thank you.

Do good for yourself: Take a hot bath. Splurge on that new shirt you’ve been dying to have. Go out for coffee alone and allow yourself to think the thoughts you’ve been neglecting.

Good intentions. Let them drive you to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Take it from me, it really works.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you (please, please tell me there actually is a “you” out there reading this) for taking the time to visit my page, and enjoy your day.