You Are Not Allowed to Ignore Me

You sparked a shiver in my heart that demanded to be felt


You infected her with your kind words,

Your contagious laugh,

Your inimitable view of the world


She was entranced

So she timed her beat to syncopate up with yours.


And relentlessly she begged me, so I poured time and affection into you

As if you were a flower, fighting for the sun


I wanted to experience your beauty

I wanted to inspire your beauty

I wanted to live up to your beauty


So no, you are not allowed to ignore me

Now that you are in full, astonishing bloom


You are not allowed to ignore me

Now that I have withered from the drought of pouring all my love into you


You are not allowed to ignore me

After my heart had to relearn to beat at her own pace


You are not allowed to ignore me

When you made it impossible for me to notice anything but you.





So today I had a very profound realization: we’re all human.

Yes, this is something we all learn by kindergarten, but today I realized it in a deeper sense.

I was thinking about idols, and how when we’re younger we all have at least one. The person we look up to, who we go to for just about everything, and who we know could never ever possibly be wrong.

For me, that person was my Dad. Now don’t get me wrong, my Dad is still a pretty intelligent guy and all, but I realized today that he doesn’t have all the answers.

And it was both the scariest and most inspirational thing I’ve ever thought.

Here’s the breakdown:
It was scary because for the first time in my 19 years, I realized that my Dad isn’t perfect and doesn’t have all the answers. No one does. We just like to pretend to we do to make the mysteries of life seem less big and scary. 
It was inspirational because today, I realized that one day, I will be someone’s idol. 

A long ways from now I will have a son or daughter and they will think I am the most brilliant person in the world. Of course I won’t be- I’ll just be a woman with a college degree and some life experience. But to him/ her, the limits of my knowledge will be unfathomable.

If you ask me, that’s pretty cool.