Don’t Call Me A Flower

I am not a flower.

My value does not lie in my beauty. I do not wither when plucked from my home. My roots are not shallow and delicate.

I am a tree. I am strong, durable, a pivotal force. My roots extend deep into the earth, twisting and twirling just as my history does. My past has helped me grow powerful and tall, the queen of my forest. I may shed my leaves each season and become bare and vulnerable, but don’t fret. I will revive, stronger and more beautiful than before. Please, pick off my bark, try and chop me down.

I may not fill vases, but I can start fires. I can burn and I can scream.

So please, don’t call me a flower. Don’t diminish me to a fragile, pretty piece of earth. I am a tree. I am astounding and noble and engaging. Life courses through my veins and futures begin where my leaves fall.



Sometimes I forget why I am in love with him. 


The distance blurs my memory

Of the sleepless nights we shared

And the “I love you”s that swelled with meaning

And the times his voice melted my pain away.


It selfishly steals away the rare times

I felt beautiful.

He made me feel worthwhile

And opened me up to feeling things


But my memory is stronger than our circumstance

Our hearts beat louder than the ticking clock

And I remember why








Has it ever just hit you how incredible words are? As a people, we have developed different groupings of characters which we choose to string together to express the inner workings of our mind.


I was working on a journal entry today for a class and just could not put my finger on the word I was trying to think of. I searched the thesauruses and came up dry. The lack of finding the “perfect” word left me feeling tense and confused beyond belief. 

A grouping of characters. That’s it. That’s all that stands between frustration or satisfaction, perceived intelligence or stupidity. It’s what allows us to express our love for others, but with the same pens we can decree war and devastate a country. We can bless someone with compliments of beauty and grace or we can tear down a person’s confidence and leave them empty.

These little characters, only 26 in the English language, dictate our lives. 

And I think that’s pretty neat.